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3m Certified Installers - Experience with Decal Removal and Applications

We are Wisconsin's pioneer and premier provider of commercial decal installation and removal services. With over 30 years experience, Midwest Decal Services has provided decal installation and vinyl graphic services, specializing in 3m wrapping with 3m vinyl and 3m wrap, throughout the nation to help businesses grow and succeed. Our experience demonstrates the great care and attention to detail that is needed on every project, large or small. This means you will be assured of a professional and knowledgeable service. Midwest Decal Services is a 3M Certified Installer and Avery Certified company and is also a member of Local 804 for any projects that require union labour.

Our History

From the Early 1980's to Today and Beyond.

Paul Olson started his career in the early 1980's by pin-striping cars and lettering semi truck doors in the summer months. In 1988, Paul stated his own company Colorgraphics and provided decal application and removal services throughout the United States. During that time period, Colorgraphics was one of only around 100 companies in the nation that specialized in decal application. They conducted testing of materials for 3M on numerous applications that are still on the market today. They were generally the first people outside of 3M to see and experience the exciting new products that were the roots of what we have today.
In 1995, Paul Olson started a new company called Interstate Graphics in which he continued traveling throughout the Midwest on a weekly basis servicing and maintaining a couple larger scale clients. These companies included ADM, Frito-Lay, and Pepsi Cola. During this time period, Paul also enjoyed the opportunity of teaching employees of some of these large companies the art of decal installation. Due to the very large number of vehicles within these companies, they chose to have some in-house employees handle some of the various decal installs which Paul taught to  make sure that the best practices and processes where used.
In 2007, Paul sold Interstate Graphics to a individual who had the intention of becoming a print provider. At the same time, Paul continued on installing under the new name of what is now Midwest Decal Services.
Paul lives in North Central WI which is also where Midwest Decal Services is home based. This central location allows for easy access to areas where a majority of  his clients are located. Paul regularly provides decal services to clients from Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison, and Minneapolis Areas but is willing to travel long distances to serve clients nationwide. Midwest Decal Services proudly continues installing graphics on everything imaginable due to the continued progress of materials on the market. We continually seek out non profit groups that have a great cause, to donate wraps or other decal services to help them maintain visibility. Paul looks forward to meeting new people and the continued growth of business in the years to come.

Midwest Decal Services is Proud to be a 3m Certified Installer

3m Certified Installers

We love meeting new people and strive to see how other businesses may grow with the use of our services. Get in touch and we would be happy to help or just answer questions.