Sign Installation and Sign Service

sign installation and sign services

Whether it be a lighted, vinyl, decal, or specialty type of sign - Midwest Decal Services can repair it, service signs, or preform new a sign installation.

About our Sign Installation, Sign Repair, Sign Services and Maintenance

You have a beautiful sign located inside or outside your business to draw attention to your location, amenities, and business practices. However, with all the demanding aspects of running your business your singage is often overlooked or forgotten about. Your businesses signage most times, holds the first impression for your business and your businesses brand to your customers. We can help make sure that they have a positive visual first impression that lasts and gains you creditability.

Sign Service and Sign Repair Items to consider for your business.

There are a number of areas to your businesses signage that should be addressed to maintain the image for your business that you want to portray to your customers. Some of the most common areas that get overlooked are:
  •  If your signage has peeling or fading this should be repaired or maintained.
  • Your sign should be updated when your businesses contact information gets updated or changed because of a new phone number, website address, or a change to business hours.
  • When sign hardware such as rusting or pealing posts or sign hardware it can have a negative impact on the image your sign is trying to portray to the public and can translate into a feeling of lack of professionalism within that business.
At Midwest Decal Services, we understand that though these things are important to your business you have a number of other areas of your business that you are focusing on each and everyday and may not be able to find the time to address your businesses signage. With our over 30 years in business, we have helped and continue to help business owners just like you get the respect and initial impressions through visual signage that they are looking for.

Please contact us to see how your business can benefit from our Sign Repair and or New Sign Installation.